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Chicago Area Mother Files Lawsuit Over The Death Of Her Child At The Children’s Memorial Hospital

On March 6, 2012, a Chicago woman filed a suit against The Children’s Memorial Hospital, of Chicago, and its employees and agents. The Plaintiff is represented by Larry R. Rogers, Jr. of Power Rogers & Smith, P.C. The lawsuit seeks to hold the doctors, nurses, and hospital responsible for its role in failing to properly treat the Plaintiff’s deceased child.

Plaintiff filed a complaint which states that Plaintiff’s deceased daughter was a seventeen month old child, who was hospitalized at The Children’s Memorial Hospital, in December, 2009. She was discharged in January, about 6 weeks after she was admitted. Radiology films indicate that there were no foreign objects lodged anywhere in her lungs during her initial entry at The Children’s Memorial Hospital. However, she did have radiological evidence of a foreign body lodged in her right main bronchus towards the end of her hospitalization and discharge in January.

In March, 2010, Plaintiff’s deceased daughter began to have respiratory difficulty. She was rushed to another hospital, at which point those doctors then transferred her to The Children’s Memorial Hospital. She passed away shortly after the transfer to The Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Plaintiff’s deceased daughter underwent an autopsy; the final pathologic diagnosis was severe sepsis, septic shock with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome and acute and chronic lung injury. The autopsy also identified a 3.7cm remnant of a suction catheter that had mucus in and around it.

Plaintiff’s complaint alleges that the remnant of a suction catheter in her deceased daughter’s right main bronchus likely contributed to the development of infection and sepsis, and obstructed the limited ability to treat her. The complaint further alleges that the piece of suction catheter was introduced and permitted to remain in the Plaintiff’s deceased daughter during her initial stay at The Children’s Memorial Hospital, which would not occur in the absence of negligence.

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